Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pirate TV, part 2

Ok, this was really weird. I turned on the TV last night (one of the 5" minis) and I came across this powerpoint-like broadcast about "amateur television" that was coming in really clearly. I looked up the call letters of the station ("va3bay") and it turns out it is only a few hundred meters from my house! It was saying that a few channels that can be picked up with a TV actually fall under the ham radio range, so all you need is a ham license to legally broadcast tv.

Very interesting. That TV tunes with a dial so it is hard to tell exactly what station it is, but I think it is around the beginning of the UHF range, so somewhere around 14-17 like my daveco box does. The powerpoint thing was also saying that when the station is operational it will function as a repeater, so if it picks up your signal on one frequency it will send it out on another.